Unleash your leadership potential with Sayer Haworth

Our Executive Development practice uses a psychometric instrument which increases self-awareness by providing a unique portrait of your overall personality; including your positive traits, hidden potential and methods you can adopt to cope better under pressure.

You will also discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership and ways you can increase your potential.

We provide the development opportunities:


Individual personal development portrait, going through an individual’s personal psychometric report, where an individual will have a one-to-one coaching session, providing insights into self-awareness, their 3 personas and how their respective personas affect every-day work and rapport building with team members.

Team Development

Using the individual psychometric reports for each team member, every individual would receive the following:

An initial one-to-one session to go through their individual psychometric report in detail

A team session, comprising 4-8 hours, and includes all team members who have completed Psychometric reports. This enables leadership teams to be more aware of each other’s communication style and personality to increase collaboration and effective working style.

A one-to-one follow up session within 4 weeks after the team session.

A further follow up session 3 months after the team session.

What is it for?

Our psychometric reports embrace polarities (unlike other psychometric testing models which can box individuals into identifying as one type) – we can embody seemingly opposite personality traits when faced with different situations and increased pressure, however the self-awareness provided by our reports reveals hidden potential and gives insight into how to manage and dial down any possible weak spots.

Our psychometric reports inspire people to develop skills most needed in the workplace – adaptability, agility, a growth mind-set, collaboration, authenticity and the ability to lead yourself and others. In one tool, it provides three lenses which assess your underlying persona (most natural), your everyday persona (how you are likely to be in the workplace) and your overextended persona (revealed when you are in a high-pressure, demanding situation). Being aware of the traits you predominantly exhibit, revealed in all three personas, allows you to identify areas you can look to strengthen.

How does it help you in the workplace?

Our psychometric tests provide a personalized portrait of your personality. It measures 72 personality traits and was created using the Big 5 model overlaid with Jungian theory.

Having an understanding of your portrait allows:

Increased self-awareness

Team members to understand individual personalities and their preferred communication style, which in turn enables better rapport building

Improved working relationships and productivity

You to be aware of your weaker qualities and how to manage those traits before they manifest when you’re in a high pressure, or stressful situation

Key Features


3 personas are identified in one portrait

Improved working relationships and productivity

Interactive App so you can have this on your personal device at all times

To learn more, please contact Abbie Sayer who leads this practice and is a qualified practitioner.