Diversity & Inclusion

We understand the importance of developing and maintaining an inclusive business culture.  Sayer Haworth is committed to Diversity & Inclusion and partners with clients in attracting a diverse talent pool in our searches, understanding that employee engagement is higher in those organisations that have a clear strategy.


How we support Diversity & Inclusion

1. Networking – We proactively ensure that we connect with our broad network to ensure any potential profiles are sourced from diverse backgrounds

2. Mapping & Research – Throughout the Search process we demonstrate our search process, with a target of a 40% diverse shortlist

3. INED/Chair Talent Mapping – We are constantly mapping the market for future talent, this incorporates individuals from a diverse background

4. Thought Leadership – As a firm we are dedicated to improving best practices to improve Diversity & Inclusion, organising round tables and producing research papers

5. Recognised Bodies – Sayer Haworth have submitted to being a part of the Women in Finance Charter and the 30 Percent Club

6. Anonymising CV’s – Research and Long Lists do not show the Gender, Ethnic Background or indicate the age of a profile.

7. Psychometric Profiling – Shortlist Candidates are profiled using the lumina Spark Tool, this provides characteristics of a profile that does not show in an in interview process.

8. Candidates Views on D&I – Sayer Haworth probe a candidates views on D&I, and include this in the profile Sayer Haworth presentation of the CV’s.


We are proud to have signed up for the Women in Finance Charter, for more details of this commitment, please click here